What Is A Predictive Dialler System?

A predictive dialler system is an outbound calling system that dials numbers predicatively from list. Predictive diallers calculate the average length of a call with the average number of dials it takes to make a human connection to predict when an agent is ready to take the next call. Call centres use these types of dialler systems to help keep their call centres outbound calling momentum going.

  • Intergrate CRM System With API Key
  • Live Call Transfers Internal/External
  • Improve Agent Call Connect Rate
  • Dialler Manager Remote Application

Hosted Predictive Call Centre Dialler System

eVoDial has 3 main dial modes that can be used. Predictive, auto and click to dial. With Predictive mode the dialler will perform as described above. With Auto the dialler will dial at the ratio set. And in click to dial mode agents can preview each lead before dialling. We are a leader in software solutions for call centres in the UK and offshore providing our clients with the best possible customer care. Our hosted dialler system is quick to implement at the most affordable price,get in touch for a free quote.

  • Outbound Auto Dialler System
  • Hosted Predictive Dialler System
  • Inbound Call Centre Dialler
  • Real Time Dialler KPI Reports
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Secure call centre dialler

Benefits Of eVoDial for Call Centres

Firewall secure dialler

Dialler Firewall

24 hour dialler firewall security with access to add any IP address required to access eVoDial securely.

Secure Dialler Service

SSL Encryption

eVoDial is secured and encrypted with top SSL certificates, to help keep our dialler server data safe.

eVoDial reports

Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms submitting into a CRM system. Also leads from a CRM form straight into dialler.


Compliant Dialler

Our dialler is built to comply with UK laws, and is suitable for multiple call centres UK & worldwide .

All Inclusive Dialler

Low Cost Per Agent

Diallers don't have to be expensive, and we offer an all inclusive dialler at the most affordable price.

eVoDial Benefits & Features

Customisation Settings

Our clients can put their own brand into eVoDial with with simple to use custom branding settings.

PAYG Dialler Rates

Real Time Reporting

Dive straight in and start monitoring call centres and agents performance with real time KPI reports.

Auto Dialler

Dialler Health Checks

Simple and quick to use agent/team health checks, to view a call centres overall dialler performance.

UK Virtual Call Centre Dialler

Call the UK from Anywhere in the World.

If you're offshoring business to a different country, you can still have a local calling presence in the UK. This works just the same and is at no extra cost.

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Dialler Manager Application

Access Dialler Through Secure Application

Manage the performance of the dialler for the call center with real time KPI reports. Also agent coaching tools including call recordings and monitoring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

eVoDial is a new and modern predictive dialler system that has evolved with Vicidial software and Go autodial, to become one of the leading providers of dialler software for call centres in the UK.

You manage eVoDial from an admin application. We provide you login details to manage your dialler agents, call campaigns, inbound and outbound call routing with real time reporting.

A hosted dialler is a form of predictive dialler that is best described as a web based dialler. The only requirements for a hosted dialler to function properly is an internet connection, and a device to make and receive calls from.