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eVoDial is a call centre software application for and is designed to help improve a call centres overall customer/client contact rate also with real time admin KPI reports. eVoDial has evolved with Vicidial software and go autodials advance algorithms that have helped us become one of the leading providers of call centre dialler software in the UK. We provide diallers at the most affordable price, get in touch for further information or if you require a demo.

  • Live Agent Call Transfers
  • Real-time KPI Reports
  • FREE Call Recordings
  • All Inclusive Call Plans
Call Centre Software Solutions

Inbound Call Centres

Make your customer service team more knowledgeable about incoming calls including advanced call routing, email integration, online chat and call recording. Our dialling software allows specific inbound calls to be routed to selected agents. This is based on preset rules to help ensure the most qualified agent speaks to the correct customers. There is little need of spending much money on hardware apart from the essentials that include a desktop with internet and a headset or handset.

  • Inbound IVR System
  • Display Callers Details
  • Agent Call Routing
  • Pick Calls From Queues

Outbound Call Centres

Whether your business is in the UK or you're outsourcing to a different country, you can use our call centre software anywhere that has an internet connection. Running a call centre doesn't have to be expensive, and eVoDial allows you to connect with your clients/customers cost effectively. Start taking calls with our dialler software application instantly.

  • Dialler Manager Software
  • Customization Script Options
  • Real-time Health Checks
  • Advanced Calling Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Our call centre software allows for simple client contact management and easy client information access designed for outbound and inbound call centres.

An auto dialer is a software program or a web based dialler system, used to automatically dial many numbers from a database to increase the amount off outbound calls a call centre makes.